Photocollagecontest #11: The Selfie Queen and Princess - My Mom and I

3년 전


This is just the few of collection of selfies of myself with my everloving and adorable Mom. These photos was taken when we checked-in to a beach resort in Dalaguete, Cebu. My mom is my travel buddy, we used to go in different places in Cebu, and even other island. I really love to travel, and I really love my mom because she always let me tag along when she happens to have outings. My mom is one of my precious gift in life that I really thanked God for giving me. I dream to bring her to Jordan someday because she always love and dream to visit in the Holy Land.

This Photocollage is my entry for the contest initiated by @marcovanhassel. This is my first entry in his contest and I hope that luck will stick on me.

Hope you like my post. Thank you so much and Godbless

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