Bright Glow.

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This shot is pretty neat in my opinion, I'm pretty certain the middle cloud going almost straight up and down is a contrail/chemtrail from a plane and the rest of it I'm not sure. Was one of those days where the plane exhaust really mixed with the weather and it's hard to tell what's natural and what's artificial..

Once again, this image is just kind of beautiful and weird to me. I've been doing photography since my teenage years and I continue to be surprised by many of the things I see in nature, especially in the sky.

Capturing sunsets and sunrises are one of my favorite areas in photography to explore and this is yet another unique and interesting sunset to add to the collection!

I hope you at least found it interesting and worth a moment of contemplation like I did. Okey doke... Umm... I think that's it for me for now and I'll seeya later!


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That is neat. It almost looks like smoke from a smoke stack. Pretty strange effect how that happened? Neat shot though. Nice one

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Yeah, I was a lil confused about how that happened too... I've never seen anything quite like it before, it was weird. I almost got my zoom lens out to zoom in on it, but I didn't. Probably should have, oh well.. Anyways.. Thanks for the feedback! I agree, it is a neat one.

Another dramatic sunset, almost looks like an eye in the sky. You have good proportions with and between the silhouette of land on the bottom and that white tuft of clouds at the top. another beauty!


I agree, it does kind of look like an eye!
Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you think it's a beautiful image. :)