Cloudy Diversity.

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Here's yet another image from that first day I went out with the new camera and the day with the really unique clouds.
That sure was a neat day! This one has some iridescence in it as well if you look above the sun there's some rainbow colors in the clouds.

The iridescence is one of the main reasons I shared this one, but, also... Because I think the clouds are cool looking!
I'm sorta amazed at all the different layers and kinds of clouds in this one. I think there's at least 3 or 4 different kinds of clouds in this image and maybe more...

I don't know the names of any of these clouds really, though, I can see the differences from the bottom heavier clouds and then there's a few really big ones and then up to the snowflake/dotty looking ones and then up above further you see some rows of streaking clouds which look like lines.

It's an interesting and unique view in my opinion! There's a lot going on and I can get kinda lost looking at all the different details. :) K.... That's it for me today, I hope you have a good one! Peace.

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That is a cool image. The clouds are really cool. I don't know the names of clouds either but I think you're right about there being a bunch of different types

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It is pretty cool! I agree. Quite an interesting display. :) And heh, yeah... Definitely looks like some different kinds of clouds! Thanks for the comment bud.

Hello @apolymask quite interesting since among the types of clouds there is one that seems to be forming as a kind of giant spider web. I'm pretty sure I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing...

Hola @apolymask bastante interesante ya que entre los tipos de nubes hay una que parece estar formando como una especie de tela de araña gigantesca. Estoy totalmente seguro de nunca haber visto algo así. Gracias por compartirlo…

The highest clouds are stratus, the dotty ones cirrus and the big fluffy ones cumulus. Just for good measure, some are mixed types

A beautiful sunset...

Un atardecer bellísimo…