Sunset Dreams.

2개월 전

I sure did get a lot of different sunset shots! Here's another. Once again some pretty wild looking stuff in my opinion and it appears to be at least partly artificial. Though some of the stuff down below looks kinda weird too... I gotta wonder.

This one is also cool cause it has a couple stars/planets in it! At least I'm pretty sure they are stars/planets. The top one almost certainly is as I watched it with my eyes and it didn't move, the bottom one I don't really remember seeing but it's probably a star as well. It does look like it's in front of the clouds though as well, hmmm...

Anyways... I thought this one was pretty unique, we sure do get some odd formations in the skies around here, and with the AZ colors it can be quite a show! That's it for me for now, I hope you have an awesome day.


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Another nice sunset indeed. There's a couple planets and some house lights, with Mingus Mtn glowing in the distance. Nice color, good one.


Thanks dad! Happy to know you appreciated the image!