Wispy Skies.

2개월 전

I'm not even sure where to start with this image.
The colors are beautiful, the clouds are beyond interesting looking and there's even some Autumn colors that can faintly be seen in the foreground.

It is a lil darker in the middle than I'd prefer, but oh well! It's still pretty. :) And... I do believe these are artificial clouds, yet I still think they seem fascinating. Almost like wispy angels floating through the sky. It almost looks like there's a Vortex around Tabletop mountain the way the clouds are positioned above it... I dunno, just really weird and wild looking in my personal opinion. Lol...

I'm really glad I got out and filmed for a while, there were some neat things to see! I still have quite a few more and haven't even got to the new night shots yet. So... That's going to be fun to go through and I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon! Peace. <3


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you and your dad share the same gift 📷 do either of you ever take a bad photo? I don't think it is possible 😂😂


Well jeez. That was an awesome compliment. Thank you for the nice words doitvoluntarily. :) That brightened my day. It's nice to know our work is appreciated! Much love. <3
PS... In the end I can only speak for myself, but... Yes sometimes we do take some not so great pics, lol. But I think we have a pretty good system down and tend to get a lot of good ones. ._.

Amazing shot you have captured. I enjoy the colourful sky...

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Thanks msena! I think it's pretty amazing too and I also enjoy the colorful sky! :)

Wow, I think that's the coolest shot I've seen of Table Top. It has a dreamy feel to it. The colors and clouds are wonderful. Nice job!


Really? Darn, that's a great compliment. It is a pretty nice one! I agree. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it before, it was a unique one. I've got some of it on video as well too I think. And yeah, a very dreamy feeling! Good characterization. Thanks for the great feedback dad!

The clouds are very interesting in this photo. I see what you're saying about it looking like a vortex coming off the mountain. Cool colors as well.Great shot overall.

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I agree! The clouds are quite interesting. And yeah, I'm not really sure how to say it but something feels weird there sorta like a vortex. It's good to hear you appreciated the image, thanks for sharing what you think! :)