Portrait of a Father's Struggle

4년 전

This time I will share a simple portrait of life in the midst of technological sophistication.

A simple-looking grandfather walked past a downtown street junction by pushing onthel bike.

The shoot this photo using with Canon camera. I'm deeply inspired by this grandfather's struggle.

A middle-aged man pushes his onthel bike in the pouring rain and covers his head with a simple plastic bag to avoid fever.

MakeCanon EOS 60D
LensEF-S18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Setting1/250 / 5.6 / FL 200.0 mm / ISO 500

Its simplicity is visible from what is owned with traverse the center of Lhokseumawe city, Aceh and that grandfather pushes his bike in the midst of a light rain with use a headgear from a plastic bag which is usually is used to wrap shopping items.

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And he's carrying something in a sack placed behind his ontel bike. Perhaps this grandfather came from a village, he went downtown because there was a need.

Such sights are usually seen in the past, but now very few people go to town by bicycle. So this picture shows that in the midst of the progress of the modern era, there are still weak economic citizens who continue to struggle to fulfill life.

This is the portrait of life. Many people already use luxury vehicles, and there are also people who still use the vehicle of old times like old bicycle belonged to the grandfather.

Thanks @azirgraff have sharing nice photos.


when I was a kid, many people in my village used ontel bikes, including my dad and it was full of memories because the bike was used to make money for our college. very similar like grandfather's struggle on my photos.

Woww... I think this so great beautifull picture. so simply but full story. nice moment.


Thanks @zulfikarhusein, I am very inspired by his struggle

Harus banyak belajar dari abg @azirgraff. Semoga postingan abg berikutnya bsa membuat saya terus mengasah ilmu menjadi lebih baik. Terima kasih.


Thanks @munadikiehl, equally studying.

remembered my own father .. will i remember always your sacrifice father, father ... can not I deny your looks i can not like now .. i love you father.


That's a struggle, however difficult still be fought for his children. Thanks @edyalsabaron


You are welcome, friend

Betapa beratnya perjuangan seorang ayah demi menghidupi keluarganya.Foto yang sangat mengispirasi.Sukses sll @azirgraff


That's life, Thanks @mukhlispasee

Foto yang bagus, Mengambil foto dengan hasil bagus akan menjadi impian semua orang yang menyukai fotografi.

Very nice photography....great to see still -like you say, ... simply things in our modern & fast changing world!
Thanks for sharing this awesome picture👍


follow in accordance with the existing, keep fighting without having to give up. You're welcome @bali-om

azirgraff posts always be the motivation of others. good work azirgraff. best regards @ syafriadi..puena jep kupi bak abuwa uroe nyo...hihi


na jep sabe, nelangkah jue ngat tajep saban-saban. LoL

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Great capture!!

Strong photograph. Very well done. Thank you for sharing




Hi @fatma24, Kalau mau berunding ya datang saja, tapi kamu ngk usah bawa senjata kemari. Bahaya Tau ?