Your Smile and Thumb Reminded Me

3년 전

Hi everyone, how are you today?
I hope you are healthy always and continue to be proud of work in Steemit.

Previously I had to stop sharing photos from my shots because my laptop is broken. After I finish repairing at great cost, then today I am back to share.

This is the result of my photoshoot today about two small children who are busy playing in the yard. Seeing my action taking pictures unknowingly this boy gave me a thumbs up, while this little girl gave me a sweet smile.

From this shoot, I get expression on both

Setting | 1/200 sec / f 5.6 / 145.0 mm / ISO Speed 3200

Model | Canon EOS 760D

Lens | EF-S18-200 mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS

Photograph | @azirgraff

Thanks For Visiting My Blog

Best Regards @azirgraff

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  ·  3년 전

They exchanged expression and gave a beautiful smile, very funny when I see their action in this photo, even I also laugh. How can you shoot him so as to produce a good photo of their expression? 😀😀

Thanks @azirgraff


Thanks @dift, That photo I shoot while they were playing, by chance they see me portrait from afar.

Does this kid, thumbs up to you, maybe they think you're great, so they give you a thumbs up.And I think you are great, smart in every way and capable.

Nice post...

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Both children look sweet and sweet.