Black and White Landscape Photography

2년 전

I seem to have the bug for black and white landscapes since @boyerobert 's competition!

Here is another shot from my trip up Mam Tor in England, UK.

I hope you like it!

You can click the image to see if in full screen if you wish

DSC_0022 BNW sm.jpg

Nikon D5300 / 18mm / 1/15s / ISO 450

Thank you so much for stopping by. Much love, Cheryl :heart:

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Love it!!! It’s so descriptive! I love that you have the sky and’s almost like a painting!!


Thank you! :D

Amazing shot @beautifulbullies! Black and white photography brings such definition to an often ordinary photo. This one is simply beautiful! Well done :)


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If I could vote I surely would pick this one :)

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Thank you so much :D

Love the brooding clouds! I bet that one’s beautiful in color as well.


Thank you! :D It actually looked pretty drab in colour as it was a grey day, but the BNW edit seems to bring the image to life :)

lovely shots, hope you win! @beautifulbullies


Absolutely breathtaking!


WOW another fantastic black and white image love it


Thanks Jay, I appear to be liking this bnw stuff lol


LOL yes it does appear that way but keep to it your doing awesome

That's an interesting photo. The land look so vast from that perspective. Were there a lot of farms there?


Thank you :) Yes, this was in the Peak District, Derbyshire in England which is known to be just miles and miles of farmland and mountains :) A beautiful peaceful place to visit

  ·  2년 전

Beautiful :)

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Thanks hun :)

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Black and white shows great detail, well done @beautifulbullies

You' ve been selected always in support of good work

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The contrast is lovely in these @beautifulbullies but I am mostly sad missing the English landscape, how I miss it so.

Truly wonderful photos.

Wow that's a real nice landscape shot :)

Awesome photo, Derbyshire really does have some lovely countryside.

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B&W photos brings out the details that's why I'm hooked to that kind of style!

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When were you over there? I'm jealous😋

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