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Hey! Hope you are busy! No new posts?!
Are you prepping for the coronavirus?!

Take care and stay safe!


I lack a bit of motivation to be seriously active on steem those days; and I have a lot to do, as my lab is getting finished.
Besides this, I will have to cancel my work/travel plans, as all the borders are closing (the border to Hungary, my escape route 3km from here is closing tomorrow).
Good that I will soon have my lab ready, and even better I have all the chemistry, paper and film stocked; as things are getting tight here in Europe, I won't be bored!


Wow! You are incredible, you could build the whole place yourself!! And got all those spaghetti electricity wires inside a small box!

I think you’ll be spending a lot of time in your new lab!! What fun! It’s good to be safe and busy!!

Show us your new lab soon!

Those dancing trees make for spooky atmosphere!!

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