A good sunset...

3개월 전

is a great way to end a mediocre day.

Last Saturday I went out with a photographer friend with the idea of making a video highlighting her wildlife photography (a new series of highlighting photographers and other creatives I'm working on) and we headed off to the mountains to some private land where I've seen tons of wildlife such as moose, deer, elk, owls. Well we drove around for close to 3 hours and saw only 1 moose and it was in no position to get a decent photo so we decided that we'll at least take advantage of the incredible fall colors around Snowbasin (a local ski resort).
Sunset did not disappoint. This lenticular cloud had been forming most of the afternoon so we had a good feeling that it would linger for sunset.

I wouldn't call it a wasted day, really it's quite normal for a wildlife photographer to come home with nothing, it sure was good to close it out with a great sunset.201910052431.jpg

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