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I've been working on this video for a while now and have finally release it to the wild.
In this video I take you through the process of what goes on for one of these shoots.

Here's also a couple photos to go along with the video...enjoy!




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Hi caseygrimley,

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That was so great to see you working on this series! Do more BTS videos please!


Thanks Dmytro! I plan on it. I've really enjoyed doing video lately.

That is a big undertaking and quite a bit of time involved to pull off something like this. I like the fact that it includes elements that will really get people excited about night photography and the Milky Way


Stars are my first love and what got me to finally get into photography heavily. These photo shoots are a ton of work but so much fun. Many of the dancers haven't seen the stars like this because they live in big cities.

The photographs are excellent. A lot of art. The process you show in the video is nice. There are some photos that have no stars but the sky was in spectacular blue. A big hello @caseygrimley


Thanks Marcy! I appreciate your kind words.

ehy dear @caseygrimley, you made a beautiful video! the location is incredible, like the pictures and the exercises of the dancers !! congratulations on your curie rating

I am eternally in love with your video and the photos, you have to know that my strong love is the stars, I wish I was in a place like in the photos hahaha I can not with such beauty


Thanks Saray!

Hi Casey
Great video "Behind the camera"
It is huge all the work involved in taking these beautiful photos.
Of course, it shows that you love your job and that is what it takes.
I liked them all, the sunsets are spectacular and the astronomical ... WOW ...
I subscribed to your YouTube channel, I want to receive your notifications.
Congratulations on a Curie vote.