The Catalyst

3개월 전

I've never NOT had great skies when I go to Lake Tahoe area and meet up with @scottshots for sunrise or sunset. He must be The Catalyst.

A friend and I drove through the night from Utah to make it to Rainbow Bridge at Donner Pass. Fortunately we didn't miss much at night driving through Nevada.

We were able to get there a few hours before sunrise so we slept in the car. Subaru's are surprisingly comfortable to sleep in the front seats.

Check out Scott's photos and a longer, more enjoyable story here


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That is a gorgeous shot! Love the way the lake looks like molten gold reflecting the sunrise. And thanks for mentioning @scottshots post I had missed it when it came out, and I just caught it before payout :)

Haha, ok, I can live with that nickname. It was great to see you and meet Ian. Fun and productive morning!

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