Spring in Rila Mountains

2년 전


Almost 3 months without even opening Steemit and now I am here wondering what I missed for this time. Coming back after a long absence is not that easy but I will try as I miss being here. Consistency has never been my superpower and although I was truly enjoying blogging here and never stop believing in the platform I somehow couldn’t find the time, energy and inspiration these last months. But for this period, as it was and still is the most inspiring time of the year for me - ❤️Spring❤️, I managed to gather some nice material that I do want to share with the world. I am starting slowly with the photo above that represents one of the pictures that comes in my mind when I think about this magical time of the year.

Hope you are all well!
Thank you for stopping by!

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Welcome back 🥂


Thank you Melip 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Hello friend, I'm glad you came back, that means I'll see beautiful pictures of spring back in Rila. 😊


Thank you very much for your support @blessed-girl! Means a lot!

Well :) Much happened, but with your quality presence you're gonna be soon ahead of the game(s) ;)


🙏 thanks a lot for your kind words, Trayan! Glad to see you are still here! Greetings from Rila :)


Happy to see you again too :D