Amazing Grace

11개월 전

A fast moving wave of snowfall is Just passing over Capitol Butte, leaving behind a few soft lacy clouds to momentarily grace the mountain as clearing takes place.

c-butte storm-2 8x12.jpg

This beautiful image was captured on 2-18-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA.

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You have pleased me with
Your photo is a very
Beautiful landscape.

                 - bredcovin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thanks for saying so!

Epic shot! Wow.. Great work. That's a seller in my opinion. I love the broad range of colors and the balanced composition and how the mist and clouds interweave with Capital Butte and the blue sky. Excellent job on this one!


It was beautiful to watch as it moved through very fast and I agree the color is nice. Thanks!

Hi @irvinesimages ,The sky seems to want to destroy everything in its path, the earth receives the strong attack, it does not want to disappear under the snow, when nature is angry, acts without mercy.
Happy weekend for you and yours.


Hello Martha, sometimes nature gives up the moisture in a very energetic fashion. Happy weekend to you as well and thanks.

waw it's very nice place and amazing photography


That's great, thanks!

That's a great shot!!!!

Nice. I really like these shots of the clouds engulfing the hills/mountains. They are very unique.

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It's a wonderful effect, sort of etheric and as you say unique. Thanks!

The photo is breathtaking and beautiful, the clouds and the scenery makes the photo unique as well


Thanks for the thoughtful compliment!

wow,It's wonderful moment.


Well said, thanks for that!