Cathedral Trails

2개월 전

On a fine moonlit night, Cathedral Rock can be seen with colorful high clouds mixed with star trails above. The middle of the night is so quiet and peaceful when most people are sleeping. It's a great time to enjoy nature and let the imagination wander.

#210 cathedral trails+4x6 8x12.jpg

This image was captured on 11-2-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA. And is being entered in @czechglobalhosts 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - North American Friday week #114.

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Wow. That's really pretty! The stars being blurred has a really neat effect and you have some nice colors too. The composition is great too the way the trees sort of envelope the view. Very cool shot! Also... Good luck in the photo challenge!


I like the colors and effect as well, it's a bit surreal. Which is nice, thanks Paul.

I dont know a whole lot about photography but I'm assuming this is a long exposure to make the stars look like that. They look like snow falling. That's very cool


Your right, this was about a six minute exposure. Will be doing more long exposures down the road, we are on the learning curve. Have a great day.