Cliffhouse "There's No Place Like Home"

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Such a beautiful and commanding view, this ancient Sinagua Indian dwelling was built and occupied somewhere between 600 and 1300AD. however built atop a small sandstone cliff, on a peninsula of rock 90 percent of which is surrounded by a 100 foot sheer drop off, made this a dangerous place to live. I think it was a deterrent to rattlesnakes.

cliffhouse+ 8x10.jpg

This image was shot on film during 2001 near Sedona Arizona USA.

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That is a cool shot. The orange bricks really stand out and contrast nicely against the green back ground. The blue is nice as well. The colors are almost pastel which is cool. Nice!

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Yes, and it comes with all natural landscaping. LOL. Thanks leaky20.

A commanding view indeed! Neat shot. That must have been a really interesting place to live. Pictures like this give us a glimpse or a window into what it might have been like. Very cool and makes the mind wonder!


Beautiful but harsh, no running water nearby unless it rained. They managed to survive. thanks Paul.

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