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An early morning storm has passed over the area dumping heavy rain on the iconic Cathedral Rock. As the sun comes up, a gentle mist appears, rising up off of the wet rock and wrapping itself around the towering and majestic sandstone formations. Time for a little daydream.

more cad mist+ 8x12.jpg

This image was captured on 9-26-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA. And is being entered in @czechglobalhosts 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - North American Friday week #115.

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Hi @irvinesimages ,Your work gives me a feeling of freshness, the colors are soft and I like to see this.
Blessings and happy weekend


Hi Martha, It's so nice to hear how the image affects you. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

Clouds are on the perfect spot! Great photo!


Your right about the perfect spot and it's nice when nature gives in. Thanks.


Your right about the
Perfect spot and it's nice when
Nature gives in. Thanks.

                 - irvinesimages

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

That's a beautiful shot. Super dramatic with all the mist, almost looks like a dream world. Very cool! Great capture and good luck in the photo challenge!


I got there right when the show started and it only lasted about ten minutes, it was amazing. Thanks.

Beautiful mist around the rock. Such an amazing shot...

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It was beautiful and amazing, a treat from nature to share with you. Thank you.