Delicate Moonrise

3년 전

It's a half moon rising complimented by a group of delicate white clouds that are also rising, through form and convection to reveal a delicate and peaceful moon rise.

half moon-2 7x9.jpg

This is another recent image from Sedona Arizona USA.

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This is one special little group in a sky full.

Yeow that is such a beautiful photograph 🌙 @irvinesimages!
Love this moon and clouds on blue!


Thanks Shasta, I think it has a nice soft and pleasant effect.

What a fantastic photo the clouds dancing with the moon, how very
beautiful this is @irvinesimages!


That's a wonderful perspective of which I agree, Thank you!

Super unique and cool! The wispy clouds almost look like angels. A very peaceful feeling image indeed.


I was thinking the same thing about looking like angels, It feels good to look at it. Thank you!

wow it's very nice photography
great job my dear friend


That's sounds good my friend!

The half moon is looking amazing in the cloudy sky but it will be looking more beautiful when the moon will be full.


Your right the full moon is more beautiful and will soon be here with new opportunity.


I was thinking about that and almost used it for the topic. Thanks for pointing that out and for the nice compliment.

Very interesting shot! Resteemed!


Thank you very much! I like to think of it as "sky art".

Hi @irvinesimages ,The moon looked timidly at the clouds
beautiful colors and excellent work.


Thank you Martha, with many blessings to you!

It's very nice.Is this original sir?


Absolutely it's original nature and very nice like you say. Thanks!

hello natural photographer, I think it's our steemit moon.


Hello joniprins, If that's so I hope it becomes full again soon.

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Ahhhhhhh, the enchanting moon always catches my eye too, I photograph it regularly and daytime moons are such an extra pleasure somehow 😍🦋🌈🍀🌴❤️

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