Looking For A Pot Of Gold

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It's a myth that has good connotations, finding the pot of gold at the base of a rainbow. The rainbow could be many different things in life as an analogy. Is it somehow that nature's beauty is tied to prosperity? I suppose in some ways that's probably true within a myriad of perspectives. However a rainbow is totally elusive, because when you move it does as well. You could chase it all day and never catch it, except maybe in the dreamworld. Sometimes dreams become reality, so dream on!

thunder mtn rainbow+ 8x12.jpg

This image was captured on 9-26-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA.

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Well, regardless of the symbology and magic of rainbows, there's no denying the majesty of the Sedona area landscape. Lovely shot!


That's so true and we never get tired of seeing it. Good to hear, thanks.

Beautiful capture! The colors are nice and pleasant and vibrant as well. You've got it lined up well with good proportions and the sky and clouds sort of mirror the green trees and then you have an awesome band in the middle with the rainbow and mountains. That's awesome. Great work!


Rainbows come and go quickly, not much time to get picky. This worked out well, thanks.

Marvelous! Great photography my friend....

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That's wonderful to hear, thank you.

That is an interesting perspective and life analogy. Nice one. Great shot of the rainbow. It really pops!

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Sounds marvelous, I appreciate that.