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A strong winter storm is headed our way. The National Weather Service is warning the public to suspend travel on Thanksgiving day as well as most of Friday. As road conditions worsen travel is expected go from difficult to impossible. With a forecast of 12" to 24" inches of snow above 5500' feet this could be an impressive event and will probably leave behind some breathtaking scenery.

uptown view 8x12.jpg

I'm standing here at 4400' feet looking up at just over 7100' feet across the way.
This image was captured on 2-18-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA.

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magnificent scenery


That's nice to hear, Thank you.

Wow... That is epic. I'm impressed. That's one of the best Sedona snow images I've seen. Or just snow images in general. I agree with doitvoluntarily and that magnificent is a good word for it! That's super beautiful. Amazing shot.
And whoa, really? I just read the part about the incoming storm. That's cool! Maybe we'll get some more snow to film already. Anyways... Great shot! Awesome work.


Wow that's quite a response, I like your zest. Thanks for all that and yes this could be quite a storm, maybe some good shots coming.

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Great natural adventure...such an amazing scenery. I always enjoy your photographic magic.

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I always appreciate your compliments, thanks.

Hey @irvinesimages, here is a little bit of BEER from @axeman for you. Enjoy it!