"Trees" They Come And Go

3년 전

From time to time we go through a period of prolonged drought after which we see a few trees that couldn't hold on, lose their foliage and expire. But as they slowly decay over time there is still some beauty to be seen.

IMG_0680dead tree sunset 7x9.jpg

Summer of 2018 in Sedona Arizona USA.

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I so like this orange color


I do too and it's always pleasant to see!

The tree is look so lonely


Yes I can see that.

Hello @irvinesimages, nature is wise, despite the lack of water, it still stands and conserves its beautiful green color, although the earth looks dry and mistreated.
Blessings :)


Hello Martha, Your right and it's a beautiful thing.

Trees, as well as people.
Trees and people live, and for some reason they die later ...


Life is temporary for all.

wow it very nice place amazing photography


It's nice to hear from you, thank you!

Tress Provide Fruits,Foods,Woods Etc.


It's a lot to be thankful for.

Really beautiful scenery. The tree is standing between the two beautiful red rocks and it's looking more beautiful when the tree get her leafs.


Yes but those days are gone my friend, thank you!


I think it's beautiful in every season


Right, I totally agree. It's always looking good!

Gorgeous. Nothing lasts forever under the moon..


This is true as the joy of living continues, thank you!

Wow an amazing sight to see indeed.

Lovely buddy.


Marvelous to hear, thanks my friend!

really beautiful photography


Thanks for the compliment!

"Trees" They Come And Go but give us oxygen and received carbon dioxide.


We should be grateful and conserve, we can't live without the trees.

Happy Thanksgiving. Love the pictures

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That's a creative shot. Shows quite a spectrum of symbolism and colors as well. I like how the middle tree sort of frames the mountains in the background, that's cool!

Nice shot!

There's always some kind of beauty in trees, whether they're fresh and green or dried and dead.


I agree, it's an appreciable part of one of natures most important processes. The cycle of life!