SOME THINGS STAY CONSISTENT : While everything else moves rapidly on by

3년 전

There are some things in life and in culture that move by rapidly and we flow along with them.
There are other thing we take a stand and decide to stay consistent even when the rest of the world has moved along.

What things have you decided to stay true to even when the rest of the world has seemed to change their mind?

LENSAF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II
FOCAL LENGTH175.0 mm (175.0 mm in 35mm)
EXPOSURE TIME0.07692s (1/13)
SIZE7360 x 4912
DATE TAKEN2014-09-02 07:33:58

I'm pretty sure i took this image in England somewhere.

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When I first laid eyes on this pic it took my breath away. Rarely does one run across a photo, an image that allows you to experience and feel everything in the picture. I did just that. Bravo @jarvie.

This image is very moving and helps me feel calm during my transition time. I feel comforted as if everything will be okay after all despite things not going according to what I hoped. Feeling stuck can often be exhausting; this image reminded me that everything is for a reason.. I will keep looking forward to being hopeful. Thank you for posting!


Love that... thanks for sharing

Great shot, great movement ! Even if the subject stands still the photo has dynamism.

Very cool picture.

Really amazing photo @jarvie!

Don't recall last time I needed to take a stand on something serious; and that's a great photo!

Slick shot dude, I really like this! Resteemed.