Patagonia Chilena

2개월 전

In about three months time I'll find myself back in the Aysen region of Patagonia, Chile. My family and I are moving there indefinitely this summer after a five to six week detour in Guatemala at one of the many highly rated Spanish language schools. While I write this post however, I am still in Idaho wrapping up my seventh year as an elementary special education teacher. Lots of changes ahead. Enjoy the photos!


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Nice dude! That's an exciting move. Looking forward to seeing more Patagonia pictures!


Thanks! Looking forward to it.

Oh man, so jealous! Are you going to Coyhaique again? What an amazing place, I miss it!


Yeah we're moving there


Sweet. That's amazing. Have fun, man! We had a connection to a mechanic down there, who let us use his cabin for a few days. Nicest dude if you need a mechanic, let me know! I'll hook you up haha

Beautiful landscapes!

Going to be such an adventure. Cant wait to see what you shoot down there.