Smoke on the Waters of Lake Tahoe

2년 전

I originally posted this on @steepshot, but for some reason the photo was compressed and looked nothing like the original. Oddly enough, the first time it posted a photo, the original could be accessed through the IPFS link... I'll try to work with it more in the future.

DSC03213.png You can view the original photo here. I took this photo myself.

So I've had a few of my followers on Steemit ask me about this new app I'm using called Steepshot. I suppose the most interesting aspect of this app, is that it allows you to browse images that are on your personal feed and all of Steemit. Also, you get to use up to 20 tags! I'm unsure if all 20 tags utilize the Steemit system, but it would be very cool indeed if it did.

I've been trying to get away from using Instagram as of late as well. This is largely due to how toxic it has become. I won't get into the nitty gritty of it all, but one word comes to mind... SELFIE! I'm pretty much an introvert at this point in my life and what adventures I go on, I truly appreciate. I see people who just take pictures to say "Hey look how cool I am." And I'm like " I just want to post cool pictures, man."

Furthermore, I feel as if my pictures don't get the attention they deserve. In general, this community is far more receptive to the time others take out of their daily lives to capture a shot they found expresses the essence of their surroundings. In this particular photo, you're viewing Lake Tahoe on a cold winter day. In the distance, you'll see that there is some sort of cloud across the lake. That was actually a brush fire that was rolling through the mountainside when I visited this weekend. Forest fires are fairly common in the Sierra Nevada, which mainly due to the very dry seasonal summers. This particular went, California was in a very severe drought. As in, time your showers sort of drought.

I loved visiting Tahoe. It wasn't the most beautiful place I've seen, but the serenity of the lake itself made up for it. Plus, there were casinos is South Lake Tahoe you could gamble at if you were feeling lucky. Many nights were spent drinking and having fun with friends... Staying up to watch the sun rise in this exact spot. Eventually, I'd like to live in Tahoe for about a year. Just to get away from it all, learn to snowboard and get high on life. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the photo. Cheers!

If you enjoyed reading this post, be sure to give me a follow and check out the rest of my blog. Overall, my blog consists of scientific topics dealing with geology, meteorology, geography, food and history. It's also peppered with a bit of photography and journal entries. The goal of this blog isn’t to earn money per se. While that is a nice benefit, I’m more interested in networking, learning, informing and helping the Steemit community grow to new heights. Also, be sure to use the steemstem tag and join @Geopolis if you're a fellow geologist! Thanks for all your support!


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Great picture! I somehow haven't been to Tahoe yet despite living in the state my whole life. Then again it's quite a few hundred miles away.

I've only used it for two posts so far, but I'm really liking Steepshot. Thanks for introducing me to it! It has a pretty slick interface and I could see it actually being adopted in decent numbers due to its ease of use.


Thanks! Tahoe is a pretty cool place. Especially if you go with a group of friends. Reno is down the mountain, which I always enjoyed visiting as well. And yeah, I really like the idea of Steepshot, but apparently there is a limit to size of the photo you're allowed to upload.

In this post, my picture was super compressed and didn't come out looking all that great. I did a quick edit and posted the original. I'll definitely be using it in the future, but probably with photos directly from my phone— rather than ones I took with my actual camera. Just curious, where in CA do you live? I stayed in the Bay Area for roughly 4 years and in LA for a few months so I'm familiar with the state.


I noticed that the image quality seems to go down a bit as well but that could just be differences between my phone's screen and my computer's screen, since I typically only take pictures on my phone or my quadcopter (and I can't technically post the latter here until I pay $10 for a license to post images for commercial use).

I grew up in San Diego but I now go to college on the central coast, a couple hours south of San Jose. Unfortunately I haven't actually been to very much of northern California (I think I've been to SF once, just passing through) due to its huge distance even from where I am now, but I hope to change that sometime.

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Beautiful photo! followed you :)

just amazing!

Ah Tahoe.... nice shot!