Briksdal Glacier, Norway - Dreamy mountains (photofeed first post!)

2년 전

Hi all, this is a photo by a friend of me - Elihai Nizri. he is a talented photographer who doesn't have a steem account yet but I managed to convince him to open one now that we have the @photofeed initiative :) all revenues from this post will go to Elihai's new account and will be powered up by him to become a dedicated steemian!

so here it is, a picture on the mountain tops around Briksdal Glacier, a beautiful location in Norway, with dreamy clouds surrounding the mountains and giving the picture an aura of unearthly calmness:

Briksdal Glacier.jpeg

you can see his signature at the down right corner of the photo :) let's upvote and make Elihai come and share his beautiful photos with us!

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Look if it was taken on another planet!


Yeah, it's a beautiful place and a gifted photographer.


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Your friend is a good photographer.. He should join steemit and let the world see his amazing works..

Good idea presenting it in BW...
nice photo and hard to reach such a place to take one...

This is really a wonderful photo <3
All the best of luck to Elihai here on Steemit!

  ·  2년 전

Makes me miss the time I was in Norway. Such a mystical country