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 The name of this art photograph is:"SPACE ROSE"


It was raining hard. Drops covered the rose. Splashes flew in the air. It looked very impressive! During processing, the idea was born to make this moment more interesting. Thus was born the cosmic rose. Her petals are only revealed. Therefore, the shape of the bud is not quite correct. But it only added originality to a flower.This unearthly beauty is for you! 

  Enjoy watching. With tender feelings, @mariya-lorenz  

  • Category    macrophotography   
  • Settings  1/80;   f/5,6;   ISO 200  
  • Focal length 55,0 mm
  • Flash without flash
  • Camera Canon EOS 650D
  • Lens   Canon EF-S18-55mm
  • Processing  Adobe Photoshop CS 6

All photos and text published in this message are my original work.

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Thank you very much, I'm glad you chose me.

Roses are always very special, the combination of pink and cold blue made their trick, looks like it will be frozen in space any seconds :)