Norway: the Land of the Midnight Sun, the Fjords, Trolls and Vikings

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A country shaped by ice, the land of mountains and fjords, surprisingly diverse, culturally unique, and offers unforgettable nature experiences and activities. In Norway you can experience the true forces of nature, go diving (under Saltstraumen), or go for some real adrenaline pumping (rock climbing!!). But you can also come here to enjoy the tranquility, as you'll have many hike paths where you will rarely meet any other traveler. And any fishermen out there? Norway is great for salmon fishing, one of the best I've ever found.

All photography in this article is original and mine

What I really liked about Norway is the true freedom to roam around, uncomplicated. It is incredibly large (larger than you think!) and really promotes an outdoor lifestyle, which I love. It is also an easy country to travel in, as pretty much everyone speaks English exceptionally well. People may come across as a bit introvert in the beginning, but trust me: they are always willing to help. With an excellent public transport system you can explore all kinds of areas remote of Oslo.

But please do take into account that this country is incredibly expensive... So make sure you budget wisely. If you're from Europe and are coming by car, you are allowed to take with you a bit of alcohol, which I suggest you to do (if you like it of course), given the insane prices of alcohol in the country.

What is really on my bucket list though are the Northern Lights. I have never seen them before. In Norway, I have not been that far up north. Have you? Please do share any photos you have of this wonderful spectacle, I am fascinated by it. And eeeh.. don't make me too jealous, ok? ;-)

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Really nice photos. It looks like I could take a trip​ to Norway.


Thank you! What stops you from going there?

Beautiful!, you shouldn't stick to just steemit, those are too great, they look really professional!

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @martinphoto
BuildTeam wishes everyone a great Christmas and bullish Holidays
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The season for northern light have started in northern Norway. 😊 To bad we have had much bad weather lately.

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Yes i would love to go there again but duty (ie work) calls at home for now... maybe next winter!

My dream settling place. Beautiful country.
Hope to be there soon. :)

Nice photos man, really love it. Nature always looks great. Btw i started seeing these "Zen rocks" all over the place. You ?