Traveling through Africa #3: The Masai Tribe Portrait and the Elephant

3년 전

This is Jor El (I think that was his name). He was my guide when I visited the Masai tribe in the Masai Mara. He has 2 wives, 5 kids. 2 kids from 1 wife, and 3 from another. Each wife, he traded 10 cows for.

He was eager to show us around, to introduce us to his tribe. When meeting, they did a song and dance, as well as bringing out the women, who also sang for us.

He showed me his hut. Upon entering, I had trouble walking in since the doorway was really short and small (and I am 6;5 / 2m tall). The inside was pitch black, only light was from a flashlight he used to show us specific parts of the hut.

The "living room" was also the bedroom, kitchen and fireplace. It was no bigger than your average bathroom in a house. There was a small window to let the smoke out when cooking.


My trip comes to an end. A part of Africa explored, learned and saw as much as I could. But it has to continue soon, such a vast continent worth discovering. Full of variety.

As the sun was setting, I was able to see a herd of wild elephants, eating. One stopped near me and we just stared at each other. I think she was the matriarch, the eldest mother and leader.



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beautiful images, thanks for sharing

excelentes tomas, buenas experiencias

Love the title shot.