A happy Good Friday to all!

2년 전

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Mother nature has her own rules and she has instituted the winter season as her quarantine period!

So here we sit in our small little garden most every day, and last night we heard that our lockdown period is to be extended for another two weeks. We are only 2 weeks into the first period.
Take a look at what I got today!

IMG_2553 2.JPG

Thrushes are meat eaters, but this guy was eyeing the palm tree date!

IMG_2554 2.JPG

Oh yeah man! Here we go as he grabbed the whole fruit in his mouth!

IMG_2555 2.JPG

Bang! Gone! He simply swallowed the whole thing!
They have big pips inside and I think he is going to experience some trouble when he visits the Thrush public toilet hahaha.

Now we move on to the bird bath!


Hygiene plays a very important part in nature and this lovely Cape White Eye couple arrived for their daily bath.


It looks like she is leaning against her man's shoulder! So cute!

Unfortunately I cannot get their bathing action, as they disappear behind the rim of the bath. They are small little things!


Fortunately I can get the Thrush in action and he gets quite violent in the water. Lol.


Maybe it's because he knows that I am watching him hahaha.

IMG_2537 2.JPG

Our wish here is for everyone to have a stress-less and relaxed Good Friday.

We now are in this situation and we simply have to make the best of it. Almost as if someone took a scissors and clipped the string of our social lives. Luckily we don't have much of one, but I think here about all those that cannot cope without the support and daily contact with all of their friends.
All that I can say is hang on, as this will eventually pass and let's all rather hope that we don't lose many lives while the virus rages out there. All things like always will come to an end.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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Thank you kindly!

Although I like the looks of the green birds better, I do like the guy who ate the entire berry. I'll admit, I didn't think he could.

Happy Good Friday to you too! Oddly, Friday isn't a holiday here despite the largely Christian population. I guess only Christmas gets it which is odd given that Easter is more important.


Well if they have Easter holidays they would have to admit that Jesus lived methinks.
But then again, they have Christmas. Maybe they see Christmas as secular?

The thing that amazed me with the Thrush is that they eat worms and insects and here we have one that is vegetarian hahaha, Swallowing whole palm fruit pips Lol.
I also like the cheeky little green white eyes.


very enjoyable captures. what is this " palm tree date" - little palm fruits? it looked like an acorn to me. (I think you dont have oaks in S.Africa, do you?) are those fruits hard, or soft? anyway... amazing pictures. thanks for sharing.


Yes, they are the palm fruits my friend.
We have thousands of oak trees here.
The palm fruits go soft when they ripen, but they have big pips inside the flesh.
A birds stomach acid cannot break the pip down, so they excrete the pip and many times the excreted pip grows into a new palm tree.
Such is the wisdom of nature my friend!


aha! understandable. I've watched in one BBC series dedicated to the world of plants, that there exiat a rhinoceros apples - a plant that produce seeds that will start growing only after rhuno will eat and defecate them. such a solid selectivity and perfection of the method!


Yeah, the seeds are prepared in their stomachs, the same thing also with birds and all other plant eating animals. Nature has her own gardeners!


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