A Kruger 24ct Gold coin for her birthday!



Come and enjoy a fun day under lockdown conditions!


Wow, little Evie's birthday present. A gold Kruger Rand in the tray of her new toy cash register. She is the daughter of a neighbor (4 years old) and it was her birthday today!

Note, this post is for serious readers. If you don't smile once I will give you your vote back lol.

I will endeavor to show you some highlights of our day, as it is now evening here in South Africa.
Early this morning our first trip out under the new relaxed lockdown rules, we went straight to the vet with our little dog Troy. He has a skin allergy and the vet sorted him out.
Come and have a look at our day!


A neighbor popped up to introduce his baby to Harry and Sally, our resident Egyptian Geese neighbors.

So you would think that our day consisted of birthday parties and neighbors hahaha.
But no, I have some other highlights to show you!


Little Trixie Robin lost her tail in an attack by a house cat.
She flashed her new tail at me to show me how it is growing again.


Harry had a drink to celebrate little Evie's birthday!


Just the normal breakfast routine here this morning!


Of course Troy had to be carried around all over as the vet gave him an injection.
The funny thing is that when I get an injection nobody carries me around. Not fair methinks!


And after breakfast it is resting time for certain people (Squirry) here. A nice full round stomach filled with nuts Lol.


The fruits of the palm tree are almost finished, but the red masked raiders still drop their eaten fruit pips down on us.
One dropped into my coffee mug once and I almost swallowed it.
Imagine a palm tree growing in my stomach lol.


Harry is happy that it's Friday and he is flashing his style here in front of Sally!
Almost like he is singing; "Girl, tonight's the night" Lol


A new home to move into here. Air conditioned, waterproof, burglar bars and the works. Also with a lovely view of the mountains.
The Cape Sparrow guy here fetches the shopping (grass) for his wife who's busy arranging the bedroom inside!


And of course he has to remind her that he sleeps on the right hand side of their new double bed, as he likes to watch the sunrise in the East. Some females struggle with bearings you know. They think South is North and so on Lol.
No offense meant ladies.


Finally the sign that there is some bad weather on the way and the weather man has it that it will rain on Sunday.

Oh! I almost forgot, that is not a real gold Kruger Rand in Evie's cash drawer. Marian bought two gift bags of all sorts for both of the neighbor's little girls and the Kruger Rands are in fact chocolate.

IMG_3008 2.JPG

But the chocolate Gold Kruger Rands look like the real thing, say what?

And That's All Folks!

A bit of tom foolery here to lighten the load on heavy lockdown hearts.
Life is what it is and we can either laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh at life. Since I was the child of a single parent. As a poor youngster I created the habit of laughing at the tricks of life, both good and bad. Sound mad?
No, just a way of coping with more hurts than joys and eventually one discovers that it was all meant to be.

But how can I say that? Well to surrender is easy, to hide and cry just as easy. Oh, woe is me is a familiar refrain that so many employ.
But there is another side to this coin and that is to stand up and fight. Not to fight in an ugly manner, as you turn into those that you despise. No, what works for me is a great sense of humor.
Life will knock us down if we allow it, but we can knock right back.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

Am I talking in riddles here?
Let me know what you think about life in the comments below!


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