Flying has always fascinated mankind!


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Oh to fly free as a bird in the sky and to soar up high on the thermal winds!

There are two stories in here, the first story is the introduction of this Raptor bird and the second is how mankind's desire and determination to fly gradually started to take place.

Right, the bird that you see here is nowadays called the African Harrier Hawk, previously known as the Gymnogene!
A bird that can climb trees!

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He is scouting the area to look where birds are making their nests, so that he can steal the babies later when they are born.

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Of course the Harrier Hawk would have seen this crow busy with his nest!

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If he missed it the first time he would have seen on his second turn up high.

Soon after the crow babies are born, the parents have to go to find food for the babies and that's when the Hawk will strike to steal the babies.
Here's some information about the Hawk.

"The African harrier-hawk is omnivorous, eating the fruit of the oil palm as well as hunting small vertebrates. Its ability to climb, using wings as well as feet, and its long double-jointed legs, enable this bird to raid the nests of cavity-nesters such as barbets and woodhoopoes for eggs and nestlings. It has been known to prey on introduced species such as feral pigeons, house sparrows and eastern gray squirrels".

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Imagine just opening up your arms and flying like the Harrier Hawk!

Since time began mankind wanted to fly and I think that we all know the fable about the Sun frying the feathers of "Icarus".
Well, I decided to look at the history of all of mankind's first aeronautic attempts and what I found was simply amazing!

Do me a favor and go and have a look at the history here.

"First person to fly"!

A stunning history of mankind’s first flights in Aviation history!

"The first flight (including gliding) by a person is unknown. Several have been suggested.
• In 559 A.D., several prisoners of Emperor Wenxuan of Northern Qi, including Yuan Huangtou of Ye, were said to have been forced to launch themselves from a tower attached to a kite, as an experiment. Only Yuan Huangtou survived, only to be executed later.
• In the 9th century, Abbas ibn Firnas is reported to have attempted flight with wings and feathers.
• In the early 11th century, Eilmer of Malmesbury, an English Benedictine monk, attempted a gliding flight using wings. He is recorded as travelling a modest distance before breaking his legs on landing.
• Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi is said to have glided over the Bosphorus strait from the Galata Tower to Uskudar district in Istanbul between 1630–1632.
• In 1633 his brother Lagari Hasan Çelebi may have survived a flight on a 7-winged rocket powered by gunpowder from Sarayburnu, the point below Topkapı Palace in Istanbul".

Yeah it is a long list of all of the "firsts" and here is the link to the article:

And That's All Folks!

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and the stories.
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