Daily Photofeed Round-Up #36

3년 전

A happy Valentine's Day to all of you! For those of you without a date today, @photofeed is here for you with some sweet pictures to lift your spirits (I guess you're allowed to read if you do have a date too). Do people other than North Americans celebrate Valentine's Day? I just realized I have no idea. Let me know in the comments! Also, we love hearing what choices stand out to you in our roundups (and it's fun for the people who took the pictures to come read nice comments about their shots :) ).

On to the pictures!

Since we have so many new followers, here is a quick reminder of who we are and what we are about. @photofeed is run by @cryptoctopus, @jrue, @aweber, and @yumyumseth.
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Here are our favorite photos from (the day before) yesterday:

A reflective and awe-inspiring shot from Alaska by @chaseburnett (check this guy out for more incredible Alaskan pictures):

This mysteriously hazy Burning Man shot by @zipporah (seriously, this picture is so cool):

And by @matajingga, this beautifully candid portrait that captures a multitude of emotions. Check out @matajingga's original post for some context!

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unique photos

Thank you for the good work you guys are consistently doing here. It's truly an honor to be featured by you. Congrats @chaseburnett & @matajingga – beautiful work!


Thanks! @zipporah I love your photo! such in the middle of nowhere..

Also congrats to @chaseburnett :)


Hi I am following you, can you please follow me


Hi I am following you, can you please follow me


Hi I am following you, can you please follow me


Hi I am following you, can you please follow me


Hi I am following you, can you please follow me

In the Dal lake of Kashmir.

My thoughts when contemplating the photos are:

  1. The snowy peak and the man in the lake symbolize the perfect harmony that man can have with the universe.
  2. Man fights against the storms of life and his challenge is to overcome.
  3. A deep reflection of the dreams that we could reach

Hi I am following you, can you please follow me

Beautiful pics👌

Wow!............ Thats great.........,


Hi I am following you, can you please follow me

All the photos are awesome ! Great selection my friend !!

Love your photos. Great job!

Loved all of these pictures. Each one really different, but all are spot on. Great work, all of you.


Hi I am following you, can you please follow me

These pics define the word professional, these pics are professionally taken and perfectly timed.

I am really honored to be featured by you guys :)
Thanks a lot @photofeed is a great work!

@zipporah & @matajingga you both are just wow! That's an excellent photography. These are those shot where our eyelid just stuck

Superb photos as always. Props to the photographers :)

Scrolling down I was especially stunned by the reflection one! I first saw only the mountain, and then it mirrored below with the person in the perfect focal point - now that's what I call composition!!!!

Nice shots! the last one is so expressive good job

Incredible photos!

Beautiful work, everyone!

just sparkling....

  ·  3년 전

the pictures were well balanced and it really brings your imagination inside on it.. thank you for sharing this...