A feast for your senses [Blog] *update*

2개월 전

On certain occasions - as today - a LOT of traditional sailing vessels start sailing all together in the same direction: Island a head!

So this happened today... about 40 traditional vessels left the port of Harlingen and sailed together to Vlieland or Terschelling (2 Islands). We sat right in the middle of pack while making sure to overtake some vessels left and right and It was a feast for the sense. The wind was not much, every square inch of sail was up and we chucked along. The weather was warm but not too hot and there was some beer involved for the guests (not for me of cause).

We hope you like the views we share with you! Have a great Saturday... we will sure on the islands :) - sunset and beach here i come :-P

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thank you girls and guys! - i updated the post as well *more photos

stunning !! what great views to behold on open waters...

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Congratulations, keep up the great work!

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