Winter is comming - Stormy season [Blog]


It is the season of the year again. One storm front after another is hitting Europe. This means the charter season is almost over (chatering means, you have a sailing boat and you sail with guests). In fact today is my last day chartering. The weather was a very mixed bag in the past 3 weeks but as one says; there is no bad weather, the is just bad gear =D

So I took the opportunity to take some photos of sailing vessels that pow though the seas. I hope you enjoy!

The "Vriendschrap" in her element.

The "Hollandia" ploughing though the Dutch sea's.

The "Minerva" close to Harlingen on her way home.

The "Boreas" takes a decent shower. Full force!

The "Overwinning" - I think the name is self explanatory enough =D

The "Linde" goes full force in southerly direction.

I linked all the ships webpages so you can have a better look if you like!


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At my age, I think fair-weather sailing is all I got left in me. Great pics!


And why not :) I am a big fan of: everybody like they want to

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