Light on the Hills

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Light on the Hills

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Unlike most of my landscape shots this one was actually taken on my handy little Olympus OMD EM-10 MKII, with nothing more than the cheapest of kit lenses that you can buy for the MFT format. We were out on a walk in our favourite place (The Lake District here in the UK) rather than a dedicated landscape shoot. That's kind of exactly why I love my Olympus, and why - for her birthday this year - I bought V a new Pen F to replace her 35mm Pen F she sold a few years ago. For a long time now I've approached landscape photography the same way I would a wedding - I get my kit bag ready, ND filters, tripod, the whole lot. Yet some of the best landscapes we've seen are the views we get when we're out walking here in Yorkshire or over in the Lakes. They don't always make the best photographs, and I do friggin love a ten stop ND with a nice water feature for my landscapes, but it's nice to appreciate them all the same.

Super excited to get my first Curie upvote in quite some time this week :) if that's not encouragement to stick to Steeming I don't know what is!

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