Wedding Photo of the Day 04/06

2년 전


Ok, so everyone knows the weather here in the UK isn't great, but we have had the most incredible May I can remember! I'm starting to feel a lot stronger already having increased my outdoor work a lot the past month or so. Unfortunately my 1/2 Ironman last week didn't go exactly to plan, in fact not at all to plan, indeed it didn't go at all! Long story but lack of preparation combined with pretty terrible weather and the Leeds ITU Olympic Distance triathlon next weekend meant that I had a weekend off instead! I know, I need to toughen up!

Briony & Rob - Sansom Photography-232.JPG

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These colors are so beautiful. Nice framing too!


Thanks dude! Can't beat perspex candle holders for a bit of Bokeh!


Haha love it.

Love what you did with the framing!!


Cheers dude! Candle holders for the win!

Beautiful framing. Resteemed!

Wow, I love your style.