Perfect composition

2년 전

My favourite composition

I always seek for some interesting flowers with great colors and some mountains in the back. For the first time i had perfect conditions to take a photo like this. This day the weather was extremly bad it was raining heavily and i almost lost hope for photographing that day. But once the rain stopped the atmosphere became amazing. I believe that all good photos happen in the shitties weather or right after it, this is perfect example of it. Because of heavy rain i was able to capture some fog aswell. DSC02804-1-copy.jpg

Shutter speed1/25
CameraSony A6000
LensSamyang 12mm F2.0

What is your favourite composition?


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Wow Brother,
the Fog infront of the Mountains looks really magical!
Keep up the good Work, havent seen anything for a while :))


Thanks bro ! Been busy lately that's why i haven't been posting much ! But i am still here photographing as much as i can :)

This is stunning.

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