Lhoknga beach, a favorite place to visit enjoy the sunset

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Hi all fellow Steemians, how are you all? Would you travel to a beach enjoying the sunset? If so, enjoy it the charm at sunset!

These are my framed shots while visiting the beach to enjoy its beauty at sunset on Lhoknga beach, Aceh, Indonesia. Lhoknga beach is a very busy place visited by tourists, because the beach has a lot of beauty, especially at sunset. In addition, the beach is located in the western tip of Indonesia is also directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean.

Location on this beach is so interesting and a favorite for visitors to enjoy the sunset and at dusk, in addition, this beach is also the best place to surf.

For surfing, now this location has been made a place for international surfing championship since 2015 ago. And the surfers of the world, as well as tourists from various countries, also turned to visit this Lhoknga beach.


A local tourist is looking at the beauty of the sky at sunset at Lhoknga beach, Aceh.


Foreign tourists take pictures with a beautiful sky backdrop on sunset at Lhoknga beach, Aceh.


Local tourists are playing on the beach enjoy the beauty of the colorful sky charm at sunset on the beach Lhoknga, Aceh.


Foreign tourists taking pictures the sunset charm using a mobile phone on the beach of Lhoknga, Aceh.


At sunset before a twilight at Lhoknga beach, Aceh.


Twilight charm with colorful skies and clouds at Lhoknga beach, Aceh.


Activities of the local tourists at dusk on the Lhoknga beach, Aceh.

Well, for those of you who like and love the beach do not hesitate to visit Aceh, in Aceh, you will find a variety of interesting and beautiful tourist destinations, as well as various cultures.

The tourists also do not worry about the inn, around the tourist sites there are also many homestay and inns that are very comfortable to occupy.

This is my original photo and writing without plagiarism!

All This Photo Taken With :

Camera : Canon EOS 60D

Lens : EF-S10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM & EF-S18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Photograph : @zikmaulana


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nice post dude,
I'm always trying to took a beautiful sunset moment every time I could, but truly is my skills is doen's enough to take a view what my eyes see on it :(

btw, I love your picture,
very very nice shoot dude,

have a good day for you,
Regards, @mirfaner

Beautiful shots of the sunset.


Thanks @intrepidphotos, the job of capturing the sunset moment is a hobby of mine.

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These are amazing silhouette shots, the first one is perfect with its contrast and vivid color. Nice!


Thank you for liking my photo @photocircle, your project is also amazing! Cheers