Argentina's main goal keeper Surrey Romero is finally coming

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Aboriginal message: At last, the feeling is that Argentina Russia needed at the beginning of the World Cup. He is finally brought to the end after everything is finished. Romero, who is in charge of defending the main goal, got out of the World Cup after being injured. And with that the Argentine was also knocked out from the World Cup.
Sublero has been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the ballad in Romeo's injury. But he took Messi on the edge of the pit. Now the backrest has gone past the last runners-up Argentina So the team desperately needs to use the last opportunity. For this reason, coach selection is being dropped due to bad game in last month. Franco Armani has played a great role in defending the River Plate rounds in his place.
Russia has played two of its matches in the World Cup in the World Cup so far. Sampauli's team is uncomfortable with a draw in the first match and a big defeat in the second match. Now if Nigeria can defeat Nigeria in the last match and two simple equations, then Messi will go to last sixteen.
At the time of being dropped from the World Cup, the team's interlocutors have come publicly. Senior players do not want to play the last match under coach Sampauli Not only that, they also threaten resignation after the World Cup. But the football authorities told the hope that it would not be possible to move Sampauli before the match.full_1960423615_1529758804.jpg

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