A Visit to a Beautiful Place Kashmir, Pakistan.

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Hi Steemians,

Hope you are all well and enjoining on steemit

Today I want to share with you some pictures of a beautiful place of Sangal Abbshar , Kashmir, Pakistan.
Sangal Abshar is Located in mid of Kashmir and Murree.

Beauty Of Pakistan

Kashmir,Muree and naran kagan are most beautiful places of the world.Pakistan have all types of good places.

Murree is called Malika-e-Kohsar

Kashmir is also called Heaven of the earth

Here are some pictures of Sangal Abbshar.





Family fun

Some days ago we went there with my family. The most important thing is to enjoy your life to be happy wit your family and friends.I enjoyed alot there with my family.

Love your family spend time, be kind and serve
One another, make no room for regrets,
Tomorrow is not promised and today is short

It's such a beautiful place .We enjoyed a lot there. I can't forget this beautiful place.I spend a too good time with my family.

Picture with my cousins.


My picture

Coming Back

When we were coming back at home i took some pictures .

Here are these.






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Looks like place where people are close, and know all their neighbors.


Yeah people are close and also so caring people.

Good work keep it up


Thank you dear

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  ·  2년 전

Love that you are spending time with your family! That is the best way to spend your time. Love the photos!


beautifull place

why you hide the faces?

Kashmir is the most bautiful place


Yeah dear its so beautiful place