Something about the spa


In this post I'll tell you something about the spa. Unfortunately I only have pictures of swimming pools, it was forbidden to paint saunas, pools with ice water, ...



  • Spa is an acronym for “sanus per aquam”, which in Latin means “health from the water”. In practice, this means that in every Spa the primary content is water based, often thermal or medicinal water, or optional.

The purpose of the Spa

  • Staying in a steam bath (hamam), where the temperature is 43 ̊C promotes sweating, which encourages the ejection of fluid from the body, and therefore the toxins that have accumulated in the body. The steam bath mainly uses eucalyptus, lavender and basil essential oils, which has a beneficial effect on the respiratory organs and their cleansing. For this reason, a steam bath is exactly recommended for smokers.

  • In addition to these basic treatments, spa centers also offer:

  • cosmetic treatments

  • massages

  • seaweed treatments

  • Dead Sea mud treatments

  • body scrub with marine minerals

In many spa centers there are so-called aerosol rooms, where seawater (which has multiple beneficial effects on our body) in the form of water vapor (aerosol) reaches the whole organism through the lungs. Most treatments are accompanied by pleasant, relaxing, ambient music, which contributes to the relaxation of mind and body.


Interesting facts about sauna and Turkish bath you probably didn't know:

  • The word sauna is derived from the Finnish language and is about 1500 years old;
  • The term sauna exists in the Norwegian legend, in which it is
    mankind created from the sweat of frost gin;
  • In Scandinavia, sauna has long been a place of family gathering and socializing;
  • The Turkish bath was modeled after the Roman system of transition from warm rooms to rooms full of steam and then to cold rooms;
  • The sweating that the sauna and Turkish bath encourage, is one of the healthiest ways to detoxify and eject cellular waste from the body.


Ice water pool (after saunas)sauna park swimming pool

  • After use of the sauna, the blood vessels are enlarged, the body is warmed up, cooling by entering the ice water, narrowing the blood vessels and reducing the volume of them, and encourage better circulation. Because of this effect, many people prefer to use saunas. It is important to act properly after using the sauna and beforehand to take a good shower with slightly cooler water, in order to adjust the body to the difference in temperature and prepare for entering cold water. Also, showering is necessary because after getting out of the sauna we are wet from sweating and it is very unhygienic and utterly uncultured to enter the pool used by other clients, previously untrained, which in practice is quite often encountered, therefore we take this opportunity to We urge everyone to take a shower when entering the pool. As described earlier, after using the sauna, it is necessary to drink plenty of water, liquids to make up for lost sweat, and then to get out into the fresh air.

  • The well-equipped wellness & spa centers have a small cold water pool just for cooling after using the sauna located next to the sauna. The part where the saunas are located is usually grouped together and called by various names "sauna world", "sauna park", etc.

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I never knew "spa" was an acronym! You always teach me something in your posts; thanks! :D


You're welcome. I didn't even know until I did a little more research on the spa :D