Our Morals Towards Art [Poetry]

3년 전

D7000 6_05_17-01.jpeg

Not only scratch a meaningful graffiti
To bestow our emotions in working
Try creations about video and audio visuals of the son of man
Is our realization to live...

We are creative under the laws of art
Which does not bind human beings who are intelligent art
That's what we have to feel for our position
Music is the soul roar that has existed since we were present in this world ...

With human music will be more rhythmic and bermelodi
music is a gift from the top to the bottom where we stand
like human art ...

Our skin is covered with clean white canvas
Our blood is the colorful paint that flows in the body
Our bones are made of strains of notes and scores in music...

Organs of the body is the correlation of carvings and carvings of art ...
Our brains are composed and each of the egos, minds and idealists of all human beings ....
in a cerebellum brain into a phrase called Minority Brain Cramp ...
Art and religion are soul ...
our body is our travel vehicle to an infinite hope ...

Creadit by Neoxianfan
Best Regards major @neoxian

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I love this picture, the kid seems like he is holding his window to the world, like he decides how to world should seem to him
Just love it, thanks


you enjoy art with good buddy. Yes, I agree, the kid looks the way you think. @heremonium

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