Sunset photos of our drive back home

3년 전

Yesterday me and @strawhat were at this yearly event in a small town about 100 kilometers away. We met a lot of friends and people we hadn't seen in a long time and somehow completely forgot to take any photos there. Guess we are still so new to photography that it didn't really cross our mind or we were just too busy enjoying our time there.

On our way driving back we were amazed by the sunset and we suddenly remembered our cameras on our phone and decided to stop here and there and snap some pics. This is a collaborative post between me and @strawhat and the rewards will be shared among us.

Hope you like them!

@strawhat's pics in order of taking them.






My pics in the order of taking them.





These photos were taken with a Samsung S7 and a Huawei P10 Camera. Unedited and unfiltered.

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  ·  3년 전

It is amazing what smartphone cameras can do today. You've got quality pictures.

Beautiful shots!
Mother Nature is something else! Those are the things I live for.

What do you think about this? Took it a year ago with my Motorola Moto X1


what :D that looks edited somehow!



No its not edited. Thank you :)


for the love of sunset
so you you were driving and taking pics? what??????? :D


Haha nope I stopped at bus stops and took pics. :p


it does look edited but even cooler!


Thanks a lot. It's not edited really. :)


That's amazing


Thank you. :)


Awesome pic.


Thanks :)

Amazing sunset! those photos make me imagine being there :D aparently it was a very fun road trip back home!
This was a nice sunset from this part of the world, a few days ago...



I have to admit that the sunset photo is very good and normally people take sunset as good thing. But I tend to get sad as 1 more day is down.

The photos are amazing! I love making photos of the sky.. it is always so different and beautiful! I may use one of your photos for a desktop background!

Thanks a lot for sharing :) ♥


I chose the photo with the road, it fits perfectly my desktop :)))

acidyo sehr gelungene Aufnahmen :).

Do you know the saying:

"The quickest way to make money at photography is to sell your camera."

Steem might change this one ;)... considering the time it takes to meet up with the seller vs. just uploading your photos here :D.

Have a great Sunday

I love sunsets.! keep it up.

The sunset and the clouds look beautiful!


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Wow! Awesome clicks. :)

Really amazed by these by these beautiful pics of sunset. How do you do it man!

Really impressed by the photography skill you guys have.

One of these going to be the wallpaper of my desktop and another on my smarphone. :p :D

My photos turned out better than I thought they would :) nice post. Yesterday was fun :3


LOL, They are equally as nice. It is amazing how good cell phone cameras have become now-a-days to capture moments like this. I put a reply below on my favorites :-)


Yeah that's true :D they've become pretty insane :) thank you!

  ·  3년 전

Well.. you know it's not about photos but the story behind them.
But they somehow turned out really good anyway lol. <3


That's true :D thanks for the love

Amazing pics man!

There you go one of mines, sunsets are always cool huh?
Lovely colors and landscapes, glad that you shared them :D



wow, great shot! nice timing!


Thanks @acidyo! :D

Might share another one if you don´t mind

You really do live in an absolutely beautiful place @acidyo i'm jealous every time you post these pictures. Breathtaking really.

Taking pictures of sunsets is one of my favorite things to do. You're just there at the right place at the right time and hopefully have something to capture the moment with. My biggest frustration with it all, it's so hard to capture the beauty of nature without the clutter of man-made crap getting in the way. powerlines, Cell towers, lightpoles, etc.

My favorites are #2 from @strawhat, and #3 from yours @acidyo.

A good way to boost the colors in a phone camera, I have Samsung S5, is to put the white balance on "cloudy" for sunsets. It will let the camera capture the colors richer, closer to what you see in real life, and still no post photo filtering.

Glad you took the time to stop, enjoy, and capture the moment.

Ok sorry but these photos have absolutely nothing special about them. Another sunset post on steemit, except this time it's someone with a decent of amount of SP posting it. This is one of those articles where people comment on a whales post to get some upvotes. If they were posted by some random minnow none of those people would give a damn about commenting.
Steemit will never be a good place if average pictures of sunsets get this kind of attention, and it will be a horrible place if people keep being so hypocritical in their comments. I might be wrong, but hey it's my opinion.


@anomiej I think you are being rude. I know it's your opinion and no offence to you. But there are people who really enjoy these photos. Doesn't matter if you are a whale or a minnow. People have different tastes. You might not have a taste for these photos but others might have. So I don't agree with your comment and it's my opinion. :)


I must respectfully disagree. As I said, if those shots were made by minnnows those people wouldn't care and wouldn't bother. If those people actually care about sunset shots, I challenge them to make a meaningful comment on those great sunset shots I found by sorting by new:

If you call being honest and caring about steemit rude, very well, that is indeed your opinion; on that point I respectfully disagree as well.


You've got a point there. I agree with that. But it is not correct for everyone. People are not noticing these posts because they have less power. If these posts are visible long enough they will get comments too. The problem is posts by minnows like us are not getting enough views because they are not displayed long enough since new posts are published at a higher rate.


You know we have a few open positions for curators on @ocd. If you wanna spend more time finding newcomers that have gotten missed in the masses and should be rewarded more you are welcome to join. :)

Other than that, judging rewards of certain users by their content and comparing it to others is pretty subjective.


Thanks for your opinion. :)

Nice capture.

The redness of the sunset is astonishing. It looks like an professional photography.

Hats off to the talents of you guys.

Wow these are really nice photos!! I also made a new post today. It's about Fuerteventura (one of the Canary Islands) and I posted a lot of photos. So if you like to see how the sunset lookslike in Fuerte you can check out my post by clicking here.

i'm surprised it's unedited. I love this pink and orange sky ;)

The sky looks so amazing dude! Im holed up inside all the time working and missing a good sunset around my place!

Wish I had a better photo but sunsets are beautiful. :D


Looks like Shakira :D


Thanks lol

Great place and nice pics, the colors of nature are amazing in the evening!

Good Article

Not sure if you're gonna make a post or not tonight, so I figured I'd leave a comment here. Congrats on hitting 4k followers, dude! That's fucking sick!

What a beautiful sunset! Thank you for sharing such beautiful sunset and I love this very much. I wish to take photos for such beautiful sunset but I cannot since I have no time and I do not have a good camera to take such excellent photo. I hope that you could continue to take such brilliant photo to steemians. Thank you very much


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damn this is gorgeous! Like @bayrene commeneted, i also feel like a camera would be good investment! btw I am new to Steemit, Would appreciate all interest in my profile, Do leave an upvote if you like something and follow, do check my recent post!

These photos are so milky. The warmness of the photos just seems to warm my own soul! ☺️☺️ ☺️

Thank you my friend @acidyo, great photos of sunsets, I want to share with you my photos of sunsets, recently was with my family in the countryside


Look at the beautiful halo of the setting sun

Your post is good. I love it. I have followed and upvote you. I want some friends here. I hope you want to visit my post and want to do the same thing.

In every meeting, certainly created a very beautiful memories. Let alone the memories are created with your best friend.
This may be one of the most remarkable evidence of memories, created with very satisfying results. Continue to work friends, this picture is very beautiful, not enough to be expressed with words.

This looks quite familiar, reminds me alot of how it looks around where I live. Where are these photos taken?

Stunning photos! I know what you mean about missing the photo opportunity. I feel like I spend much of my time thinking about what photos to take and then everyone once in a while I just completely forget about my camera and simply enjoy what I'm doing. But it's usually because I'm having a great time, so it's worth it :) Really nice work.

The sunset always gets me.

Get together after long time is memorable and adorable.Nice.
seeing this I am felling to meet my school friend.


i am also filling like this.

There should be a lot of detail in the shadows If you shot in RAW format. I could edit them :P

There is each movement, the sky Modify, colors change, perfect contrast between the Woods, the sky, the sun, a perfect effect that enhances the beauty of the evening. Extraordinary images.

Bro, you both took some absolutely gorgeous sunset photo's! Thanks for sharing these with us. Hope you guys had fun at your meetup/get together as well, it's hard to remember to take pictures when you're meeting a bunch of new people and catching up with old friends, haha.

nice pics my friend if you like photography check mine also i am a new one here and mainly landscape photographer, feel free to write a critic

Even without no edit they are magical. Do you know how to do color correction? If you want to know how to do it, I can help you. I have also added a photoshop tut in my posts. Do not forget to check my last product photography pics.

These pictures are so good... You two captured this beautiful scenery in your mobile.. I mean perfect weather, view and location everything is so perfect.. and please don't mind sir but his ( @strawhat )pictures are little better than yours... I know it's not a competition but I'm just saying.

I love sunset pictures...
They all have something in common: They are "magical" everywhere in the world.
Comment signature.gif

When the sun goes down, it is an important moment that really pity if missed, I am amazed at this beautiful moment, and you and your friends @strawhar, must be very compact when this beautiful shooting, amazing, it's taking like a professional phographer, thank you @acidyo for share this exciting moment, I will follow you and wait for your next great post, always successful for your brother.


Oh my god
Look at the contrast between the colors on the sky !

You just stand speachless in front of this beauty .

Am a big fan on the sky . I see on it the amazing creator !

Thanks @acidyo

Keep us updated if you get more pics later 👍🏻

Well done post You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.


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Nice pictures somehow I like the second picture the most I don't know why :)

beautiful pictures.....

It looks so majestic. Really breathtaking

Breathtaking! I'm so missing some warm summer evenings, it's a very cold summer in Moscow

The more i browse through photography, the more i want to invest in a camera! Thanks for sharing!


You should invest in a good camera, you wont regret it.


@bayrene Could you please remove the flags you left on my account? I removed mine.


Same! Having the nice gear makes a big difference!

I have been recording a ton of acrobatic content for Steemit.
Someday I would like to add a nice camera and even a go pro :)

Wow !!!! All photos amazing...

Good photograph.....

Wow, amazing camrera s7, i must to test it

You just made me want to become a photographer :)

Bout time you posted! Some great sky colors in those. They retouched at all or is that just how pretty it is ?

very beautiful pictures and thank you for posting them

An awesome view in that way, the sunset looke beautiful my favorite pic

Can you tell me which city that is? I loved the pics with water, it almost looks like artificial but I know it is real.

Awesome shots. I love the colors! Upvoted and following.

Thx, indeed nice sunsets. What did you do on the place had some nice drinks and food or some other special things?

OMG! These sunsets are actually so beutifull. This looks amazing would love to photograph those 😍 Love the pics!

These Images are amazing. You are a great photographer.

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Warm colors give me a sense of harmony
I especially love this one

Sunset is very beautiful .. reminded me of a photo that is almost similar in the handphon. Indeed samsung s7 is amazing ..

Wow such beautiful photos. I know the feeling you must of had, because i too feel the need to snap a photo when i see beautiful scenery. If you have a smart phone with a nice camera, why not snap a shot of the sunset and share it with your friends on steemit, Great idea. I may have to share some of my photos as well. But for now, i am just commenting on a few posts that i like.

upvote so i can buy a camera XD

Wow amazing @acidyo nice picture

Cool post
Do not forget to vote my pot, and follow me back friend

It's a beautiful landscape. I like this

Really nice pictures! Good job :) I just bought a new phone a couple of months ago, and now after finding steemet I realize I should have bought one with a much better camera :P I hope you had a good time!

Beautiful photos, a comparison of 2 smartphone cameras. A very dazzling post.

Very nice shots !

Beautiful twilight

Amazing photos. I have always said that when you forget about the phone, you spend your time very well and great.

Looks better than pictures I take with a DSLR.

Those are really gorgeous!

NO filters? This is so crazy...

  ·  3년 전

Beautiful photographs. Good that you both decided to stop the car and took some shots. Amazing what can be done nowadays with just a 'simple' camera such as a phone is with the very limited capacity of the lens. The other day I was astonished about the results of some pictures I took with my old iPhone 6s capturing a quite dramatic sunset right in front of my own home (here). Soon and phones will be as good as 'normal' cameras, although probably that is too much to ask since depth is still an issue due to the tiny lens.

Wow, that's a wonderful sky, it beckons me forever. Super photos. I think next week to withdraw their earned money from Steemit and go to rest at sea. I hope there will be a lot of successful and beautiful landscapes.

hey i can see your in some bridge ,i mostly like the beautiful sunset ,it takes having a really good phone to take such quality photoghraphs ,you live in a city or ?drone pic over the city ,i really like your posts

I like sunsets, they are always unique!

Very nice photos of sunsets. We have such sunsets a rarity.

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Very nice!

Very nice pictures of flat Earth sunsets! The sunset colors and fluorescent sky are theorized and possibly explained in this video.

YouTube video by Dan Dimension

As for the few sunset haters commenting, this is what steemit is about! Why is a few pictures of a sunset any more or less valuable to someone who enjoys them than say, a post about the current price of bitcoin or what Ethereum might do in the next week? Vote for what you find interesting and steemit will eventually balance itself out.


That was a weird part of youtube. People believing that: the earth is flat, water is colorless, no one has been in space, .... What the heck.

Just stop by.... then upvoted...then leave comment.... then go out from my bedroom to smoking. Nice photos! :)


Your words are very simple, short and solid. But left a very deep mark @happyphoenix.

Really great photos! Thanks for sharing :)

Really great colors in the sunsets! Cool photos, glad you had a good day outside!

Beautiful sunset photos! Your first one looks amazing.

Beautiful shots.

Wow, beautiful sky. The colours look so amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Gambar yang sangat indah.. 😍

Amazing shot

I'm glad you remembered to take some pictures of the sunset! It always amazes me with the different colors that come out at dusk. You get different shades of orange, blue, pink, and everything in between. I'm sure all of that made the drive back that much better! Thanks for sharing :)

Amazing photos! I love the sunset and the sky, it's always beautiful! You should think in selling them :)


The nature show has no end or borders. Beautiful sky

Lindo atardecer, suele pasar que nos distrae las conversaciones y nos olvidamos de las fotos, pero estas están espectaculares

Beautiful pictures