Dense Dew On Grass - My Frosty Wednesdaywalk

2년 전

Hello lovely Steemians !


It is wednesday again and as always the time for another #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay. During the last days I saw several posts here on steemit that show snow already, also it is not even november ! .. so I wanted to keep my eyes open for this walk for indicatiors that this year we may see no autumn but an early winter coming to us.



The last days around here were really cold. Whenever I walked to university at 8 am I had temperatures of only 2°C. Also there is no snow here yet it would have been easily possible if it had just rained here a bit during the nights. But we had a lot of frost already which is the motivation for my todays walk topic, dense dew in grass ^^



Basicly dew on grass is water in droplet form that appears in the morning on the gras leaves. Here moisture is condensating to a greater extend than it can evaporate, which is then leading to the formation of water droplets. At low temperatures the initial dew can freeze to ice and accumulate easily which is called frost. When this frost finally melts it leads to a beautiful dense layer of dew on the gras.



So far I have to say that it still looks like autumn here judging by the coulour of the tree tops and that I did not see any snow yet. But temperatures lower than 0°C, freezing temperatures and cold wind during the day and a complete frosty landscape in the early mornings are really unusual for october !! Nethertheless I was able to get some beautiful pictures of dense dew on grass which makes me really happy and which I would like to share with you ^^



Have a frosty wednesday !

All pictures were taken by myself, @adalger, with a Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone.









If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

Learn more about @adalger here !

Best wishes,

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BEER froze and does not flow. Dew drops are like pearls. Great :-)


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Thank you ^^ .. it really looks like hundreds of pearls on it, hehe ;) .. like super pimped grass, hehe

Wow! I look at your lovely photos and I feel the cold! ^_^


Thank you ^^ .. I already took out my thick jacket ;) .. winter is coming !!

Love all these shots something so special about frost and I’ve on plants like that

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

I cant believe my eyes, it cant be true, so good to be true -- you might have photoshopped them !!!!!!

have a !BEER my friend


Hehe, I did not ^^ .. and now think of how they may have looked like if I already had my cristmas camera ;) .. actually it is your fault that I started to look down more often, Mr Funghi !! .. and you also showed me those snow pictures from St. Petersburg that inspired me for the frost theme .. It is all your fault !! ^^ .. have a !BEER too my friend ;)

Wow, awesome photos! You have nailed them!
It is cold here too, wet and windy, brrrr.
Too early for the winter. It is just sudden drop of temperature. Last weekend I was sunbathing and today I have to put a hat and a scarf.
Still there is always something interesting to photograph, like the dew on the grass blade.
Upped and resteemed.


Hehe thank you ^^ .. temperatures are really playing weird games nowadays .. but I have to admit that my deoplet are by far not so impressive as your dandelion pictures a week ago !! .. lets see which great motives are still waiting out there for us to be found ;)

Very nice green macro photos! These photos could be easily used in some advertisement!

I hope you have a glorious autumn!


Thann you for that amazing words !! .. it is time for the frost spirits to start to roam in the world .. lets see how they magic will work out ^^ .. I hope your garden will survive the frost, if any around there, without major damadge ;)


Luckily we don’t have frost here, the coldest night was down to 10 degree Celsius a few years ago! Normally it’s about 15-18 degree Celsius in winter night!

Magical frosty droplets delightfully come together to create some splendid images! @adalgar 🌿💫❄


From the macro view the world can sometimes be so fascinating .. water itself is already so magical ^^ .. by the way, you have a great blog, I am going to follow you now, be warned !! Hehe ;)


You are very kind! Appreciate the compliment & welcome the following! (followed you back)
Looking forward to more of your dazzling macros. Water and refections in nature are two of my favorite themes 🌿💦


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Thank you for the tokens ^^