Camano Island State Park

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We had the pleasure of finding a campground over the weekend at Camano Island State Park in Washington State. There are actually two state parks that we looked at for camping in Northern Puget Sound. Camano Island and Cama Beach. Camano Island State Park is the only one where you can drive in for a first-come-first-serve campground while Camano Island State Park has cabins only. I'm more of a camping guy so the choice was clear.

Cama Beach State Park in Camano Island
A cool sunset at Camano Island State Park

The publicly owned state park is about 68 miles north-west of Seattle. It has 173 acres of recreational area and over 1 mile of rocky beach shore. You could possibly spot whales and or eagles in the protected area. There are also several trails that swing around through dense forests and all the way down to the shoreline.

Trapped logs along the shoreline

The campground's upper loop is perched a few hundred feet above Lowell Point and the accessible south beach of Camano Island State Park. The lower loop, which is open year-round, has a few sites with great views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

Strike a Yoga Pose

We camped at the upper loop, which is more primitive but quiet and it still retains the sense of being near the water. There's five well-kept cabins, an amphitheater, and a group campsite with a modern bathroom.

Adventurers passing through the Cascadia Marine Trail can use the exclusive campsite down on south beach. The marine trail is made for human and wind-powered vessels only and goes from the southern inlets of the Puget Sound all the way through the Canadian Border.

I highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in the Pacific Northwest.

Category Landscape
Exposure Manual exposure, Multiple, ISO 100
Camera Sony A7II
Lens Sony FE 24-240mm
Filter Polarizer
Location Camano Island State Park, Washington

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that's so beautiful, I want to visit there one day

Great photos, well done
Look amazing trip, good for you
Great post‏..

What a beautiful evening you have captured! Thanks for the vision.

love the sky

Gorgeous! Beautiful opportunities - nice choices of composition and design shots.

I lived on Camano Island for a few months shy of a year when I was growing up. At that time there was only the one bridge that connected Stanwood to the island (Not sure if that has changed) which had flooded for 3 weeks leaving us on the island stuck!

Great photos of a great place!


I don't even see water when I cross the bridge lol.


Wow. How times have changed..

Nice! I wish my travel posts got as much attention. I put a fair amount of effort in!

The sunset there looks great!


Whats travelfeed? A tag? My first tag is simplu travel. Yours was photography.

Wow, beautiful photos. Very inspiring for any wanderluster :)

Hello @adonisabril! Very beautiful photos that combine chaos on earth and heavenly order. Probably, it is very pleasant to do yoga here. I have been engaged for 7 years already and also try to make a beautiful assana in every country I visit. Namaste!


Cool buddy! what a beautiful clicks such as a professional click. @adonisabril

Wow, beautiful skyporn the silhouettes are so amazing! Great post yes

Maybe it’s possible to add the photo iris and time. This would be perfect to learn to make so beautiful pictures like you ;) Thank you for your view on the world

Wow, that looks like an epic camp spot. I once camped on a beach on the island of Corsica, and these photos reminded me of that experience.

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I really enjoyed your recent post about running a travel blog ( and wanted to ask about your microstock portfolio side business. I know that you provided a list of platform recomendations but I wanted ask if you had a favourite one or if you sell your photos through your own site. My sister is also a keen photographer and it would be awesome to set up something similar on ADAPT Network.

Cheers bro. 👍

Beautiful place .. Great work done!

I like you photographs. Colour tone is really good, and shilloute makes the pic stronger. But I'm missing birds. If you catch a flying bird in your frame, it could make your frame more beautiful.

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Really Appreciated

Camano Island State Park is great for saltwater fishing, boating and crabbing. Love this place

Great shots, so pleasant colors and moody. Thank's for sharing!

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Camano Island State Park is beautiful it stood out a lot in your pictures I congratulate

Wow... It is too pretty to say.. ! It was a beautiful place, but you took a good picture. Lol !!

Wonderful photos... Love that pose :)

I do not have words to describe what these photographs convey in me. Simply beautiful

Brilliant photos. I like the uniqueness of the landscape scenery and the colors are fabulous.

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look very well and y really like...
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beautiful photos

Great nature and photos are great too

Your photos are incredible!!! Love them!

My God , one day I will make photos like that . Use my smartphone , but this details are amazing . What I could achive mmmmm

Wowwww you are really good with photography!! Bring me to this place!!

@adonisabril amazing photos and words! Enjoyable to read! x

As other things you share - great, amazing photos :) When I see these photos I got only one feeling - want go there and see this beautiful view :)

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