Bathing of buffalos in canal water on very hot day.


Bathing of buffalos in canal water on very hot day.
Hy steemit friends!
Last day mujhe mere dost ne call k hum ne Govt. Boys High School Ganda Singh ka vist krna h .Mere dost k recently dpc hue h or wo EST se Sst science k post pe join krne wala.Jin schools me yeh posts vacant hain wo dor daraz area se hain.Is lye us ne school k selection se pehle in school k visit ka decide kia ta raste ka or distance ka idea ho ske .Is silsla me hum yahan ruwana h kyon k 14 august ka day tha log jishne azadi ko celebrate kr rahe the .Roads pe rush tha .log ne apne sawariyon ko flags se sajaya hua tha.Hum tamam raste yeh manzar enjoy kr rahe the.Raste me jab hum nehr k pas se guzre to aik khobsort manzar daikne ko mil nehr me buffalos ka aik jhund garmi k shiddat ko kam krne k lye bath kr raha tha.wo bri purskoon mehsoos kr rahi then.Me ne in khobsort manazar ko camra k ankh se band kr lia jo me aap k sath share krne ja raha hon.


Yeh wakiae h aik khobsort manzar tha.


Nehr k pani me garmi k shiddat ko kam krna boht purskoon lag raha tha.



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