Bougainvillea / Bogumila

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Bougainvillea is a climbing plant, and it is very common in our areas where it is grown as flowers in pots and gardens on balconies and terraces. Its Latin name is Bougainvillea.


In order for the plant to progress well, Bugenvillas must be carefully nursed throughout the year. Growing during the summer means that Bougainvillea provide a place where it will be under direct sunlight. This plant requires at least 5 to 8 hours in the intense sun to give plenty of flowers.

This plant is well tolerated by low temperatures. It can be outdoors until frosts start, and then it should be brought in a cooler place, but protected from frost, at a temperature of 8 to 15 degrees. Know that in the winter, if it is at a temperature of less than 12 degrees, the leaves will be discarded. Prevent it from freezing by protecting it with reed or dry grass.

The best soil for Bougainvillea is a mixture of peat and sand, in a ratio of 3: 2. The earth must be nutritious and rich in humus. Since it is a high climbing abilities that can grow to more than 10 m height and has plenty of leaves and flowers as well as a strong broad tree, it needs to be planted at a distance of at least 30 cm from the wall of the house, deeper than it grew she was in a pot.


Bougainvillea will flourish in a small pot. A larger flowerpot will allow water retention, which plants will not enjoy during the standstill phase. The transplant is in the spring, when the cells come out of the pots, they remain in the pot size or the number larger.

Place the drainage layer on the bottom of the pots, and in the event that the Bougainvillea has grown a lot, scissors can cut the longest carrots. Put it in a pot with a loose land, which you added to the new soil mixture.

Fill Bougainvillea during the summer daylight minimum three times a week, and in winter, minimal watering is required, and only when the soil is dried.


Although it can tolerate limestone, often watering with hard water, it should be avoided because there is a possibility that the plant does not bloom or loses leaves. If it is Bougainvillea in pot or gardener, after about ten minutes, flush the water from the pads so that the root does not rot.

IMPORTANT: It is advisable to spray the leaves of Bougainvillea until it blooms. During flowering, spray them for a few days, but watch out for flowers because they should not be wet.

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