Taxus baccata “Fastigiata aurea” - Holy tree

4년 전

Taxus baccata “Fastigiata aurea”

Native European tree, more often seen clipped as a hedge and as topiary. The foliage is toxic to many browsing animals (cattle, horses and sheep) and so in rural areas, you'll only see this growing in church yards, gardens and some native stands of pure yew forest. This plant demands pretty well drained soil, high soil level with lots of mulch or organic stuff. It's incredibly tough, can grow in sun or shade and - as with many coniferous plants - if exposed to cold winter winds and ultra-violet (from the sun), it becomes bronze Taxus baccata “Fastigiata aurea” has a reputation for being very slow growing maybe 20cm per year and that is what this tree makes really expensive. Interesting thing is that christian religion show this specie as holy one, Isus cross made from Taxus baccata as legend says.

Taxus baccata “Fastigiata aurea” - Large tree


Taxus baccata “Fastigiata aurea” - Smaller tree in production nursery


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