Thuja orientalis 'Pyramidalis Aurea'- Golden pyramidal thuja

4년 전

Thuja orientalis 'Pyramidalis Aurea'

Thuja orientalis 'Pyramidalis Aurea' or called also Golden pyramidal thuja can attain a height of up to 10 meters and a width of approximately 1.5 meters when fully grown. The evergreen conifer makes an excellent hedging plant and is also superb as an individual specimen tree. A golden yellow, neat slender cone of foliage makes Thuja orientalis 'Pyramidalis Aurea' perfect as a striking centerpiece to a formal bed or border. Equally at home as a formal hedge or even grown in a large container, this slow growing conifer is a versatile addition to any garden planting scheme. The upright growing scale like leaves form vertical layers that range in color from a fresh green through to golden yellow and a light bronze shade during the winter, giving you all year round interest. This thuja need very little maintenance and will give you years of beautiful enjoyment for very little effort!

Thuja aurea piramidalis.jpg

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