Spooky Drive through the haunted forest of Tamhini Ghat

4년 전

It was a weekend trip to the Srivardhan beach near Pune. And four of us drove to the beach during day time. En route to the beach we crossed the so-called haunted stretch of Tamhini Ghat.
Though it was a dense forest, I could not really feel anything weird under the sun light. I had heard a lot of stories and experiences people had in this place and many advise not to travel during the night or stopping in this stretch of forest. After a relaxing stay at a beach resort, we had to drive back to Pune at night. And this is when I got a little thrill when we crossed the ghat. Now it was a bit creepy. Disappointed that I could not get a 1st hand experience like the stories I heard, but still the drive was worthwhile.

The forest was dark and dense and the blueish sky in the midnight was adding to the uncanny feeling.

With no habitation and not a soul around, no vehicles passing in either direction, suddenly finding one car was a very pleasant feeling. And I had to capture it.

Pulled over some time before the ghat.

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